Brisbane rainwater tanks – It’s the first day of Summer, and hopefully that welcomes rain for the next few months. What a better way to prepare for summer than to have Optimize Plumbing, Drainage & Gas install a rainwater tank in your Brisbane home for you.

There are numerous benefits to having a rainwater tank…. find out why below…

  1. Money saving.
    We all know water consumption can be costly, especially for large families, and even moreso, in summer, when we are hot and have Christmas festivities. Think, repeated toilet flushing, extra washing and outside water activities. By having a rainwater tank, you can significantly save on your water bill!

  2. Environmentally-friendly.
    A huge benefit to installing a rainwater tank, is being environmentally-friendly. Now more than ever, it is important to conserve water, and use it wisely. Many Australian states already have water restrictions, in an attempt to conserve the fast-depleting supply of clean water. More information on water restrictions can be found here.

  3. Avoid water restrictions
    Did you know that even if there are water restrictions, you are free to use your rainwater as you wish? That means your cars can still be cleaned, gardens can be watered, the kids can still play with their water toys and the pool can be topped up. What a bonus!

  4. Options!
    There are so many options in terms of size, colour, and tank material for your rainwater tank. Typically, round or slimline, like in our above photos, are the most common designs of rainwater tanks. In terms of materials, poly or colourbond is durable, renowned and can be customised.

Convinced that you need a rainwater tank now? Our team at Optimize Plumbing, Drainage & Gas can supply and install your rainwater tank in Brisbane. Contact us today, to arrange a free quote. We will discuss your needs and provide a professional recommendation to you.

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