Considering an Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System? Check out why below…

instantaneous gas hot water

1) Cost-effective!
Did you know that Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems are more cost-effective than electric systems? Instantaneous gas can be supplied to your house at up to half the cost of electricity – instantaneous gas saves you money!

2) Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly
Did you know that gas hot water systems have lower greenhouse emissions than electrical systems? This is because, apart from solar or heat-pump hot water systems, gas is highly energy-efficient when compared to electric.

3) Gas on demand!
Another benefit is, unlike gas, electric storage hot water systems heat water in an insulated tank. Meanwhile, gas hot water systems heat water on demand! Nothing like having unlimited hot water!!

4) Low Installation Costs
Gas Hot Water Systems are typically easier to replace, meaning there is lower installation costs for existing gas installations. However, note: Installation costs will increase if a gas service to your house does not yet exist.

5) Cheaper to replace
Additionally, generally speaking, instantaneous gas hot water systems are more affordable than electric hot water systems.

6) Compact
Instantaneous hot water systems are significantly smaller than electric hot water systems or heat pumps. Additionally, they will also sit nicely on an external wall of your property!

7) Government rebate
Did you know that the Australian Gas Networks are offering a rebate of $500 for the installation of a new instantaneous gas hot water system? Taking advantage of this offer today which expires on the 13th of December 2019. Learn more about it here.

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