Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Inspections are often overlooked. Yet, in the majority of homes we inspect, they have plumbing issues! Pre-Purchase and Routine Plumbing Inspection are hugely important, here’s why:


Hot Water Systems require servicing every three to five years to ensure optimal performance. Every three to five years, commonly valves need replacing and the temperature needs adjusting to suit you. You can also expect that a Hot Water System may need an entire replacement every five to ten years.


Plumbing requires maintenance! Particular valves and connections (i.e. flexible hoses), require replacement every five years. If not maintained, this can lead to a rupture and a flooded kitchen or bathroom…. UH OH!


Overtime the ground moves, and your drains can crack and break. This can lead to a series of problems including tree root intrusion into your drainage. A simple CCTV inspection as part of your plumbing inspection can assess any potential drainage problems. Read more about blocked drains here.


As they age, toilet seat washers erode, which causes your toilet to continually run water. This isn’t good for your water bill… wasting litres of water everyday!


Ever experienced your taps or showers constantly dripping? You know it, they need to be maintained too!! Leaking taps and showers also have washers and seals that need replacing every few years.

Need a Plumbing Inspection?

At Optimize Plumbing, Drainage & Gas we give you peace of mind by completing a thorough assessment of your plumbing, gas and drainage.

We then provide you with a comprehensive Plumbing Inspection report, detailing:

  • Any identified blockages
  • Leaks/drips to your tap ware and toilets
  • Any hot water system maintenance
  • Gas leaks
  • Faulty gas appliances
  • Damaged stormwater pipework
  • Plumbing, drainage or gas works that is non-compliant with national standards

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