Currently, dam levels in SEQ are below 57%, and the Moreton Bay region has been drought-declared. Unity Water is urging consumers to be mindful of their water usage and reduce their water intake. When the dam levels drop below 55%, water restrictions will apply. Check out our tips below for how you can save water and be environmentally-friendly!

1. Spend less time in the shower:

Try to spend no more than 4 minutes in the shower. Did you know that reducing your shower time from 7 to 4 minutes can save 36 litres?!

TIP: Use an egg timer in the bathroom to keep track of time!

2. Install a rain-water tank:

Make the most of the rainfall we get, and save water by collecting it in a rainwater tank!

Did you know that even when water restrictions come into effect, you can still use water on your car, gardens and wash your pets with your rainwater without penalty? Learn more about getting a rainwater tank installed and it’s benefits on another of our posts, here.

3. Upgrade your appliances:

Particularly if you have older appliances (i.e. dishwashers and washing machines), you might be consuming much more water than you need to be. Look for appliances with a Six Star Water Efficiency Rating.

6 Star Water Rating

4. Install WELS-rated tapware and toilets:

Upgrade your toilets and tapware to WELS standard (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme). Check your packaging to look for the top efficiency rating. Or, we can help – contact us today!

5. Check for leaks:

Did you know that leaking showers, taps, pipes and dishwasher hoses could contribute to over 2000 litres of wasted water per month!? This is why it is imperative to check your home for leaks and have a qualified plumber repair these for you. We can assist with this by conducting a full home plumbing inspection assessing any leaks and identifying any other plumbing and gas issues. To find out more and book, click here.

6. Install a dishwasher:

Compared to hand-washing dishes, dishwashers can save much more water. Dishwashers use as little as 12 litres of water per cycle, compared to an average of 51 litres used per load of hand-washing!! Like other water-using appliances, dishwashers also come with water efficiency ratings. Look for a 6-star water efficiency rating when you’re buying your next dishwasher.

7. Upgrade to dual-flush toilets:

Little did you know, changing your single flush toilets to dual-flush toilets can save around 11 000 litres per person, according to Western Water. Enough said!

8. Recycle water:

Did you know that you can save water by recycling your water from your washing machine, showers, taps and basins to use on gardens? It’s called grey water. Whether or you can easily convert your used water to grey water varies from house to house and council area to council area. If you’re unsure, get in contact with us and we can assist.

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