Do you know that tree roots cause blocked drains? As the home gets older and ground moves, sewer and storm water drains are subject to damage and cracking, which can cause a blocked drain.

Once the drain breaks and fractures this is a common entry point for tree roots. Tree roots are attracted to the sewer and stormwater as there is a constant supply of water. Once the tree roots enter the drainage, they then grow and follow the water source. This will not only cause blocked drains but will cause further problems down the line.

Tree roots will block the free flowing drains and cause the drains to back up and surcharge out of your ORG or your bathroom. Once the tree roots have entered the sewer or stormwater, they are not easy to remove. The removal process of tree roots is difficult and time consuming.

When you have a blocked drain Optimize Plumbing Drainage and Gas have the right equipment to assess and clear blockages throughout our service areas in Brisbane. At Optimize, have a CCTV drain camera which is specifically designed for recording and assessing blockages in sewer and stormwater drains.

Although, we can provide a temporary fix by jetting your drains to unblock them, it is often not a long term fix! Tree roots will grow back or the damaged drain may collapse. The long term and proper fix is to dig and repair the broken or damaged pipes. Prevention SAVES in the long term.

Don’t think it’s tree roots causing your blocked drains? Read more about what causes blocked drains.

Below is a before and after photos of a blocked drain caused by tree roots.

Blocked drain - Brisbane CCTV Drain Camera
There is a crack in the sewer drain which the tree roots have entered.
Blocked drain - Brisbane CCTV Drain Camera
The tree roots have been removed using high pressure drain cleaner.

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