At Optimize Plumbing, Drainage & Gas, we are installing and maintaining more and more water filters in homes. Why? Read below to find out why water filters are becoming more and more popular!

Why do you need to consider a Water Filtration System?

Our clients choose to filter their water for a number of reasons:

Taste – Hate the taste of tap water? Then a water filtration system is what you need! By installing water filters, the end result is amazing, fresh and clean water, just like drinking bottled water.

Price – A bottled water drinker? By installing a water filtration systems, our clients have saved hundreds of dollars, by no longer needing to purchase any bottled water!

It’s clean! – Your water goes through a water treatment plant before arriving to you, HOWEVER – it is not uncommon for your water to contain fluoride, chlorine, and rusty water from deteriorating pipework. Have peace of mind and install your water filter!

Environmentally friendly – Think of all those bottles that don’t need purchasing!

Low maintenance – Your water filters only need changing every one to two years. Beauty!

What are my options?

  • Single Tap Water Filtration

Single Tap Water Filtration is simply installing water filters to a single tap, such as your kitchen tap.

Water Filter
Single Tap Water Filter
  • Whole House Water Filtration

Another option is to filter your entire house! This will give you complete peace of mind and reassurance that your water is of high quality, clean and odourless.

Water Filter
Entire House Water Filtration

Considering a Water Filtration System?

At Optimize, we install and maintain water filtration systems throughout Brisbane CBD and North Brisbane.

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